Bubble Liquid 1L


A Professional liquid for creating soap bubbles in 1-liter bottles

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Bubble Liquid 1L

Professional 1L soap bubble liquid in bottle for making bubbles.

Liquid is aromatic and pleasant in contact. This mixture guratantees you tons of fun and enjoyable time. It gives you possibility of making large  bubbles or closing a person inside one of them. Perfect not only for family picnics or parties, but also it can be a great present for someone you like!

Guinness World Record

The fact, that it is the best liquid in the World, is supported by two Guiness records:
-The biggest number of people in one soap bubble. This record was made on 2nd December, 2013 in Cracow. There were 192 people clossed, previous record was 182 people.
-The biggest number of bounces of the soap bubble. The record was beaten on 1st December, 2013. It was made with 309 bounces and that is a lot more than previous record, because the old one was 195 bounces. How many times can you bounce one soap bubble before it breaks irretrievably? Try it yourself!

The liquid was made in accordance with PN EN71 norm about toys safety. It has the CE sign. All that confirms, that the liquid is totally harmless.

Practical advices for bubble-man:

-Best weather for making soap bubbles is when the air is moist – after rain, on foggy, cloudy days. On sunny days bubbles are not so resistant, that’s why you should make them in the early morning or evening.
-People often shake sticks in liguid and then try to make bubbles. Unfortunately, that only makes the situation worse. The foam harms bubbles. If your liquid is foaming, take the foam off with hand, paper or some other thing.
-If you are making bubbles in room, spray water in the the air first. That will rise air wetness and will let making better bubbles.

Price for 1 bottle of bubble liquid in 1L size.